February 7, 2011

{ 4th Annual Crafters Getaway }

Whew! The weekend we’d planned and prepared for for so long is over so quickly! We all gathered in Richland on Friday afternoon and by Saturday, there were 52 of us!
Friday was the annual Go Red for Women Day or National Wear Red Day – I kept finding both names used interchangeably. Anyway, it’s for women’s heart disease awareness and we encouraged everyone to wear red. It was amazing seeing so many women supporting heart disease awareness – which has taken on such a different meaning in the past two years in my life.
The Koch/Heider ladies ready to retreat and craft for the weekend!
Mom & Bonnie fooling around…silly ladies!
Kamryn got to come to the retreat and her red on Friday was in the form of her Whitworth Pirates onesie I got her. SO CUTE!!!
She and Melissa were overachievers and even wore red shoes!
We had so much fun with Kamryn and Libby and Colton and Ellie. They were so good!

This picture of Kamryn is cute, but check out Melissa and Karlye in the background!
Kamryn and Auntie Beth
Candace and Libby
Karen, Beth, and Kamryn
This is where Kamryn took most of her naps this weekend – under the table! We might have been caught snuggling during a few of her naps!
And here’s where we found Jenni on Sunday afternoon…in the playpen with the babies! She waited all weekend and finally dove in!
Remember this picture of Kate and I from last year with our “telephones?”
Look at the new generation…
photo 1
photo 2
photo 3
And more cute pictures of Kamryn….
photo 4
photo 5
So – I didn’t get any pictures of my projects or with my friends – but I got things done and they were there!! I had such a fun time with Amy, Jessica, Beth, Bonnie, Mom, and Grandma at my table. I got brave and started my Buggy Barn quilt. I got all 4 birdhouse blocks and all 9 flower blocks done! I tried to lay it out on Sunday morning, but it was too distracting and it required concentration!
I also got 15 out of 30 blocks done in my Verna quilt – oh, and a few zippered pouches! And a lot of baby holding!
EDIT: I borrowed some pictures from my friend Amy’s Mom’s Facebook….she did a much better job of taking pictures of other people besides Kamryn!
My Grandma – I’m afraid she didn’t have such a great weekend like the rest of us. She’s dealing with eye issues and can’t see well. She wasn’t able to do much  and Kate & I didn’t have any pressing for her to do this year. She was able to help Bonnie tie her quilt on Saturday night and I think they got a good chat in.
Here’s Melissa, Karlye, Amy, Jessica, Lindsey, and Martha’s table – lots happening there!
My birdhouse block! I love how it turned out and I can’t wait to see the quilt come all together. I’m already planning my next Buggy Barn quilt! I can’t see where it gets addicting. It’s such a sense of accomplishment!
Melissa was scrapbooking our most recent Vegas trip – I’ll have to check her pages out when I go to scrapbook my own Vegas pictures in a few months!
Kate had a terrible time with this quilt – it should’ve been fairly quick and easy, but nothing seemed to go right. Dangit. Well, she did finish projects that were still WIPs from a year and 2 years ago! YAY! That’s always a great feeling!
My Mom worked most of the weekend beading some ID lanyards. She got to scrapbook a little on Sunday though. I think she felt like she got a lot accomplished.
Jessica and Amy – It was fun to spend the weekend with them. I don’t get to see Amy much at all anymore so it’s fun to hang out with her. I see Jessica everyday but we’re usually talking work stuff – definitely not as fun as this!
Thanks for the pictures Jan! You helped fill the gaps in my story of the weekend!
On Friday night I was feeling discouraged that I hadn’t gotten much done but talking – but the rest of the weekend sure made up for that! It was so fun just being with friends and not having any responsibilities but sewing and talking all weekend long!
Looking forward to next year already!

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Jessica said...

I wanna see the buggy barn quilt...come on!!! I MISSED YOU. I SOOOO wished I could have stayed and gotten some stuff done. Good work on all the stuff you accomplished!!!