February 28, 2011

. monday .

Today was definitely a Monday! The things on my to-do list got trumped by more important things and the things that needed to be done today...well, didn't get done as quickly as I thought they were going to.

An exciting part of my day - my blog got redesigned by the fabulous Designer Blogs ( I worked with Emily and I love what she created! I wish I knew how to do this cutesy stuff - but since I don't, I'm grateful for Emily and people like her that are smarter than me!
I also got another picture from Kate in her series of hand-drawn pictures for my office door.

This is depicting an event that actually happened last week. I'm surprised she caught all those detail while she was wailing on the floor! So so funny!

Here's hoping the rest of the week is much much better (and goes by faster) than today!


Jessica said...

Hey...your blog looks different. i was like HEY..where did I go??? Then I realized it was still you:) CUTE!!!

Mikaela said...

Love the new blog look. Super cute! It fits you...completely organized and super cute! :)