February 14, 2011

{ weekend in Spokane }

Yesterday, my Mom, Grandma, Melissa, and I went to Spokane to see Legally Blonde: The Musical. The billboard outside the Opera House said “An Elle of a Show!” It was – it was a lot of fun and followed the movie storyline very closely. The music is fun and very energetic!


Melissa was so funny – after the finale, during the curtain call, the actress that played Elle came out in a super sparkly pink dress. Melissa gasped loudly and so forcefully that she made herself cough!

photo 1

We went to River Park Square afterwards for dinner at Twigs. Such a nice setting and a great dinner!

photo 2

photo 3

Grandma and I stayed over night in Spokane last night so I could take her to her eye appointment today. Last night we went to a few shops that we never seem to have time to go to (as much as we could on a Sunday night when everything closes early!). We decided to find some dessert, so we went to The Onion. Check out the size of Grandma’s dessert!


She wants to make sure everyone knows that she did not finish it!!

Before her eye appointment today, we went to the quilt shop and picked up three of my quilts that I had dropped off there in October to be machine quilted.

photo 5

I’m so glad to have them home and now I have some binding to do!

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