February 9, 2011

{ February Love con’t }

After the craft weekend I got incredibly behind on what was supposed to be a post every day for the first 14 days of February. Epic fail!

I’ll try to catch up for the past few days…

4. The cookie recipe you can't help but love

I love love love Sugar cookies. Love them. I shared the recipe HERE.

5. The winter activity I love to do with my toddlers

I don’t have toddlers….
6. The workout I'm loving to do

Melissa got Just Dance 2 for Christmas and I enjoy doing that. Just yesterday I emailed her and told her that I heard a song that it is on Just Dance and it made me want to dance! Time to play again!
7. The fancy dinner that I love to serve to guests

I don’t serve dinner to guests often – or really at all. If I did serve a nice dinner that I made, I’d make coconut chicken tacos (something I love but don’t make EVER). If someone else was making it, it’d probably be prime rib. Love that. 

8. The date I love to go on with the hubby

Again – no hubby – but with my friends and family I like to go out to dinner or maybe to a movie.

9. Ideas to show my pre-teens and teens I love them

I think I show people I love them by giving them things – things I make usually.

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