February 11, 2011

{ friday }

Today I felt like I needed some retail therapy and guilty pleasure indulgence – so Mom and I went to the Tri-Cities after school.

First stop – The Country Mercantile for delicious avocado salsa, chicken enchiladas, red apple caramels, and coffee praline ice cream. Success!

Second stop – Costco for gas – boring! (and expensive!)

Third stop – Craft Warehouse – AHH! I picked up some fat quarters for my next Buggy Barn quilt and the backing for that quilt. I think this is my 5th quilt in Bliss by Bonnie and Camille. I think that will deserve it’s own post!

Fourth stop – Starbucks! Of course! Yum yum yum!

This quick trip (round trip in 2.5 hours) was just what I needed. My exhaustion at the end of this week is not work related. I’m still recovering from our fun craft weekend and was busy pretty much every night this week. We’ve (Mom, Melissa, and I) been dealing with some frustrating and hurtful things lately from an unexpected source. It seems to have taken a lot of energy to process it and deal with it.

So, tonight was a great ending to this week. Another highlight of today was lunch with Megan to celebrate National School Counselor’s Week! Us counselors have to stick together! Counselors don’t seem to get much love, so we make our own fun. 

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Hannah said...

I LOVE the Mercantile's Avacado makes my mouth water just thinking about it!