February 13, 2011

{ sunday }

Day 13: The organizing/cleaning tip I love the most…

I like to be organized – and sometimes it probably doesn’t look like things are organized, but they are! I’m one of those people that has to have things in close range or I forget about them. You can see that in my office and in my craft room. And my bathroom for that matter.

My crafty organization tip is to put your quilt projects into individual boxes. I put everything starting with the pattern to the backing and binding in one box. I also cut all my borders as soon as I bring them home so that I don’t forget what I intended each fabric for. It works for me. And I like seeing all my project boxes stacked up – and I like even more getting to put an empty box away!

My cleaning tip is using these-


I wipe off the bathroom counter with one of these every other day and it takes care of the surface spots and nastiness. I use powder mineral makeup and it kinda makes a mess everywhere.

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