February 19, 2011

{ Ethan Jonathan Perkins }

Ethan Jonathan Perkins
February 18, 2011
9 lbs, 14.5 oz
21 inches
photo 1
Congratulations Todd, Jessica, and big sister Emersyn!
I got to snuggle this little guy for a good hour today…he is so sweet and has super kissable cheeks! We had a great first bonding experience!
photo 2
I finally got to give him this quilt that I’ve been working on for him! It is from fabric from one of my favorite lines of boy fabric – Riley Blake All Star. It’s made using the Raw Edge Circle Quilt Tutorial by Cluck Cluck Sew.
Ethan's Quilt (2)
I backed it with a blue sheet and machine quilted spirals in the middle of each circle. Yah! It was fun and it went pretty fast. It was good practice because it didn’t have to be perfect – in fact, wonky was better!
Ethan's Quilt (1)
I hope Ethan will love it and get to use it lots to play on and keep him warm.
So glad he’s here so we can get to know him! His momma’s a champ and he’s got a pretty proud daddy!
Much love to the Perkins! <3 you Ethan baby!


Countrylivn' said...

He is DaRLING! I hope Mamma is ok, he was half grown already! Give him and nuggle for me! Beautiful blankie too, you are so amazingly talented!

Jessica said...

Hey what a cute kid:) Emersyn likes Ethan's quilt...she always wants to wrap him up in it. She even calls it marcie's quilt. Thanks again.