February 14, 2011

{ happy valentine’s day! }

I am finally sharing my new favorite quilt! It’s been hanging out on it’s new home on the couch for a few weeks now – I figured it’s probably time to share with everyone.
This is from the Double Dip pattern by Thimble Blossoms.
I’m in love!
photo 3
I love the red ric rac….love love love!
photo 4
And the pink and red polka dot backing is to die for!
photo 5
I will definitely be making another one of these. It was pretty quick to put together and the finished product looks more complicated than it really is!

Look at this cute little Valentine bug. She just turned 10 months yesterday. Can't believe how the time flies by!
P.S. This is also my February 14th post - what I LOVE!

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