January 12, 2011

{ the story of Lary }

I have a new addition in my office that I’m pretty excited about. It’s perfect for my office and I have a selection of coffee creamers in my mini fridge under my desk. It’s one of the things I asked for at Christmas and I think we’re going to be a great pair!


One day last week, a student came in and exclaimed in her most excited voice, “Oh my gosh! You have a FISH?!” (Notice the blue light in the water tank.) I laughed (pretty hard) and replied, “No, Madi…that’s a coffee pot, not a fish tank.” Smile And, I definitely shared that story a few times in the following days.

On Monday I walked into my office and Madi is cutting out a pink fish from a post-it note and writing a name tag for the fish, which she tapes to the side of the coffee pot. I didn’t want to make a big deal about my coffee pot so that EVERYONE knew about it, but now, it’s definitely an eye-catcher.

(And yes, we did have a conversation about how Larry is usually spelled with two “r’s”…to which she replied, “Not my fish!”)


Madi’s Dad works at the school, so of course I had to point this out to him. He surely would be so proud! He said she’s adopted. Smile

Yesterday I came into my office to find Lary’s life story on my desk – written by Madi, of course. It’s entertaining, to say the least.

It makes me a little scared of what I’m going to find today.


The Wieselers said...

So cute! This made me miss teaching so much... sad!

Countrylivn' said...

Funny! I just had to drop you a note about your blog name, I am hoping you werent serious about changing it, it is too cute and to you! You are so fun!