November 2, 2008

[ doug & tiffany schneider ]

We went to the most beautiful wedding yesterday!

Doug and Tiffany Schneider

Everything was perfect...classy....stunning...just like Tiffany!

The wedding was at Kennewick First United Methodist Church...the altar was full of white pillar candles, all different heights. Gorgeous!
This isn't a great picture, but you can get the idea...

The reception was at the Three Rivers Convention Center - it was a perfect location. The room was beautifully decorated, the DJ was great, and the dance floor was rockin'. Very very fun reception!

(By far the funniest moment, possibly of 2008, was Melissa face planting on the dance floor. I thought was going to die laughing...sorry Melissa, but it was hilarious! You can see she's got mad dance skillz....haha)

The centerpieces at the Reception...

Melissa & I (she was a bridesmaid)

Zeke and Melissa

Melissa, Nichole, Jenn, and Lindsey

These are Melissa's friends from college that her and Tiffany lived with. They are so much fun to be around. They are a walking party! - it doesn't matter where they are, they make everything really fun! I am so glad Melissa is friends with them.

Grandma tearin' it up with Tiff
Grandma tearin' it up with Meliss - see a trend?!

Funny story - at Jani Lyle's wedding in September, the photographer, Tera Pettit ( took a *great* picture of Grandma and Melissa freaking on the dance floor. It seriously is one of the best pictures EVER!! When we got to the church yesterday, Tera, saw us, came over and told Grandma that she had orders from Melissa to take more pictures of Grandma dancing tonight!!! (Melissa has been in three weddings that Tera has photographed, so they've become tight!) We got to the reception and Tera told Grandma: "Let's get you a drink!" I think we fulfilled Tera's request - Grandma tore it up on the dance floor. She's a good sport. :)

It will be hard to top this wedding...Tiffany could become a wedding decorator for how absolutely gorgeous hers was. She rocks.


Mikaela said...

Wow, that looks like a beautiful wedding! What a fun time! :) That is pretty funny about your sister face-planting, but only because I can relate to doing MANY crazy things and embarrassing things like that in my life!

The Perkins said...

Hi marcie--This is Emersyn. I am supposed to be sleeping, but I did not feel like it so I snuck out to the living room and am watching SNL. I just wanted to thank you for the present. I love love love my cute jacket and I played with my keys while I was screaming all the way home from practice. I will see you tomorrow, which is kinda like today already because I think I will just stay up all night. Sleeping seems to get in the way of my crawling and playing, so I don't think I will be participating in that particular activity again. EVER!! Come hang out if you are up--I know I will be. Did you know that there is news on at 2 in the morning?? and 3??? and...well pretty much all night. I am learning a lot about politics and the government. Which reminds me...tell Bob K good luck and we are thinking of him and your family. love you guys. EM

Olivieri Portrait Design said...

I love that your Grandma's dancing and looking stunning in RED!!