November 5, 2008

[ bob koch, franklin county commissioner ]

I'm happy to report that as of 8:30pm on Tuesday, November 4th, Bob Koch (or Bob K, as Jessica likes to call him) was ahead of his opponent, 53% to 46%. We are still cautious and holding our breath as there are 5,000 additional ballots to be counted, with the results being released on Friday, November 7th at 5pm.

Our excitement with the positive numbers last night was overcome with our overwhelming disappointment and sadness for Neva Corkrum, a fellow Franklin County Commissioner who was also running for reelection. As of Tuesday night, she was behind in the race against her opponent. She has been a commissioner for 20 years and was running for one more term. We adore Neva and we all appreciate her friendship to our family and her support of Dad. We are terribly disappointed that her service to Franklin County ended this way. She has given her entire life to the betterment of Franklin County, to which we all owe her much gratitude.

I couldn't be more proud of Dad for taking the high road in this campaign and never lowering himself to other's standards.

Today, I am very very proud of him.


The Perkins said...

whoop whoop Bob K-zizzle!!

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