November 19, 2008

[ prayers ]

it seems that there are a lot of things right now to pray about...
let's run down the list:
Kutter Austin Jenks
born 11.18.08 to Kameron and Christine
I just can't say enough how happy I am for Kameron and Christine. They have been blessed with a beautiful, healthy, perfect baby boy with a head full of hair. I was able to visit them in the hospital today and hold this sweet baby. He is a gift from God. He is lucky to have his big sister Cassidy as his guardian angel watching over him always.
The Garza Family
on 11.17.08 Delia Garza (Oscar's Mom) lost her long fought battle with cancer
This family has been on an emotional roller coaster throughout her illness. I am thankful that she's with her Heavenly Father and pain free. Major prayers are with all of the Garza's, but especially Oscar and DJ. They are very strong, independent people, but I hope they know they can lean on their friends for support. Delia's funeral is tomorrow at 10am. I know there will be an outpouring of love for their family.
Alan Scheenstra
Alan battled a brain tumor a few years ago after college, and went into remission. Unfortunately, it has returned and has spread its angry poison throughout his body. The doctors have given him just a few weeks to live. We all know that God often overrules those predictions and sometimes people live for years after being given an expiration date. I pray that for Alan, whether his time left with us is long or short, he has no pain and that he is surround by friends and family that love him.
I have been thinking a lot lately about these families...they're all going through such different things, but all requiring major prayer. They are all high school (well, in Christine's case - preschool) classmates of mine. It's hard to believe the kind of curveballs life throws at you. I look at the kids in high school today (the seniors are 10 years younger than me) and wonder what kinds of things they will persevere through in the 10 years until their class reunion.
So, if you could spare a prayer, please include these families.


Brian and Jennifer said...

Wow, you know all the info. I didn't know Christine had her baby. I thought the big day was tomorrow. And I had no idea about Alan. That's so sad.

David and Kira said...

All of those things were news to me also!! Trials in our lives are something no one can get away from, big and small. That just breaks my heart for Alan. I had no idea, and hope all goes well for him. I hope his family is induring it well!

Congratulations Kameron and Christine!! What a blessing to have an angel from heaven in your home!!

Jamie said...

Give DJ a big hug from me. Tell her I love her!!!! Jamie

Jenks Family said...

Marcie- you have the biggest heart. You are such a warm loving person, with so much love. you help my grow so much each time I read your blog.

The McGary's said...

Wow, you really do know it all. I was sad to hear the news about Garza's and Alan, I had no idea about either of those. My prayers are definitely with them and their families. I was so excited to hear about little Kutter, what a blessing.

southwti said...

I'll be praying for these families. I feel for them.