November 20, 2008

[ what i'm thankful for - day #1]

I've seen a lot of people blog about what they're thankful for during the month of November. I cannot commit to something like that (blogging every day!!), but I figured I could commit to one week. :)

So - Day #1: I'm thankful for my youth group-ies.

The Youth Group in Salt Lake City, June 2008.

The high schoolers that come to our youth group ... well, I heart them. :) I love their perspective on things and the way they love to have fun.

I love hanging out with the sophomore girls at lunch. I love that they hold me accountable to actually doing my assigned lunch duty - if I'm not there, I hear about it.

I loved going on our mission trip in June - getting to know them better, spending a whole week with them, serving the Lord side by side with them. They worked so hard and I am so proud of them for that.

I'm often asked why I choose to spend more time with teenagers and I always say these are the ones I WANT to hang out with! They make my spirit so happy.

I also love the other leaders that I get to hang out with. Nick, Kate, and Amy - you guys rock.
P.S. Thanks for all your prayers for the families I wrote about yesterday. I'm trying to get ahold of Alan's address and when I do, I will definitely post it. I think it would be great to shower him with cards, thoughts, and prayers.

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