November 24, 2008

[ day #5 - Samson ]

Today, I'm thankful for Samson...

As I write this, he's laying on my lap, keeping me warm. Its our favorite thing to do together!!

I love this dog. I never thought I was an animal person until Coco came to live with us and then when Samson came along - oh man. I seriously don't know what I did before Samson entered my life. I'm sure it sounds quite cheesy to many of you, but I'm speaking from my heart here.

Honestly, I always thought "animal people" were kind of kooky. I thought I was better than that. But, now I know how a dog can steal your heart.

Samson sleeps with me (I know, I know...) and I love how he comes up and gives me kisses in the morning when my alarm goes off.
I love how he greets me at the door with excited tail wags when I get home.
I love that he loves to sleep under our chair (cracks me up to watch him belly crawl from underneath there!).
I love taking him places and watching him prance when he's on the leash - he actually enjoys it.
I think it's funny when a different noise comes on TV or something and he tilts his head back and forth trying to figure it out.
It cracks me up when he comes in from doing his chores outside, runs directly to where the treat jar is, and sits - waiting for his reward.
I think it's especially funny when he lifts his paw to "shake" as if doing a trick will help him get a treat faster.
I really like it when he rubs his eyes with his paw - it's adorable.

I love snuggling with him, when he burrows in deeper as if he can't get close enough.

Love this dog.

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The Perkins said...

we love him too. so very sweet.