November 25, 2008

[ day #6 - beta ]

tonight is beta. i usually look forward to it and i most always enjoy myself!
i am a member of beta sigma phi. it's an international women's sorority (not college). we do service projects throughout the year, donate money to different charitable organizations, sponsor a scholarship for a senior girl at CHS, and most recently, sponsor a scrapbook retreat (more on that later).
it's fun because there are a range of women in it - from retired to just out of college, teachers, stay at home moms, businesswomen, etc. we always have a lot fun - lots of laughs. we have great traditions.
i am really thankful to be part of an organization like beta. i love hearing stories of how the women that have been members for a long time have supported each other through marriages, babies, grandchildren, retirement, etc. it's so encouraging.
anyway - these pictures are from the scrapbook retreat last year. i'm *thisclose* to opening registration for the retreat 2009 and i will advertise right here asap.

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