November 23, 2008

[ day #4 - tradition ]

Around Thanksgiving, the "kids" (cousins) in our family always anticipate our traditions: Sweet Potato Casserole (without the nasty marshmellows on top) and Grandma's Pumpkin Ice Cream Pie. The last couple years, we have not had these traditional foods at our Thanksgiving dinner. We've had Thanksgiving Dinner at my aunt and uncle's in Kahlotus - and my aunt is fairly new to our family and obviously hasn't caught on to our traditions. She has made her traditional foods, which is fine and great, but still disappointing. Each year, we're more disappointed than the last when these foods aren't served. Like - disappointed disappointed. (I know this makes us sound like spoiled brats, but seriously - Thanksgiving only comes around once a year, right?!)

So - we've all been talking and making sure that all our bases are covered so we get these this year. My cousin Craig called my sister Melissa the other day - apparently they played phone tag all day until Craig texted and said "It's important! It's about sweet potatoes!" haha...

So - now we've got it covered. We are making the sweet potatoes and Grandma is making her infamous Pumpkin Ice Cream Pie.

So - that is why traditions is what I'm thankful for today. They are important, they create bonds between generations, and instill family ties - inside jokes - something to look forward to - and something to pass onto generations to come.
P.S. Does anyone know how to make line breaks in between paragraphs? I can only do it when I have pictures in my blog - but I don't always have pictures. Help a girl out here! :)

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