November 9, 2008

[ fun weekend ]

Unfortunately, I have no pictures to document this weekend...but it was a fun one! :)
Here's what happened:
  • Dinner @ the Taco Bus with Todd & Jess
  • Football game vs. Naches. Connell won, 6-0. Look Out Cashmere: here comes the Eagles!
  • Met Jess and Emersyn at Custer's Christmas @ TRAC on Saturday morning- went through it twice, once with Amy, Beth, Delaney, and Bobbie, second time with Fran, Gracee, Trina, and Gramma. I found my Dad a Christmas present...and got a lot of cute ideas for projects.
  • Went to Bed, Bath, & Beyond to buy new pillows for my bed after a little accident ruined my other ones. I'm a pillow snob. I sleep with four pillows and rotate them throughout the night, choosing the coldest one each time. I like very flat, down pillows - which are basically impossible to find these days. I bought three new pillows...Night #1, so far not impressed. Maybe Night #2 will be better.
  • Stopped in at District Volleyball - just in time to watch the poor Eagles lose to Zillah. Who cares...they're going to state anyway!! I would've been there sooner, but my entire BRAND NEW container of loose powder exploded all over my lap and steering wheel. Of course, all I had to clean it up with was Windex Wipes. For future reference, they worked fairly well!
  • Worked on some craft projects on Saturday night - finished "someone's" birthday present...and made some photo blocks for the cheerleaders...I also addressed my Christmas cards!!
  • Finished a project for Beta that I've been working on...good to have that done before Tuesday night.
  • Sunday Morning: worked on the craft projects a little more, read the paper, drank some coffee
  • Went to church...see that, Jess? :)
  • Christine Jenks' baby shower for baby boy Jenks. I love spending time with Christine - I wish we could hang out more. I am so excited for their baby to arrive.
  • a trip to Craft Warehouse, where they were having a 20% off everything sale. I got a sweet deal that I'm soooooo excited about!! I bought it for a gift, but the more I think about it, I think I need to put it in my cedar chest for when I have a home. :)

My plans for tonight include: a delicious caramel apple, watching Desperate Housewives, and cross-stitching. I really wish tomorrow was a no-school day. There is no school Tuesday in honor of Veteran's Day and I'm thinking it's quite cruel to make us go back after the weekend for one day and then have a day off.

We're having our first Junior Miss Committee Meeting tomorrow at 6pm at Michael Jay's if anyone is interested! :) We'll be planning for the 2009 program and the Junior Miss Orientation on November 18th.


The Wieselers said...

So fun to get to see you this weekend! I'm excited for your birthday suprise! :)

Jenks Family said...

you are one busy girl, about tia and dustin: they are moving to texas in the end of december, they just can't make it here with his pest control business. they need to go somewhere where he can spray year round. Tia is having a really hard time with it she does not want to move. but kyle is down there so that will help