November 21, 2008

[ day #2 - friends and small towns ]

I love living in a small town and for my friends in that small town.

I stopped by my friend's office after school and ended up staying for over an hour! We had a great talk and I always have fun flippin' sh*t at her boss. :) It's just too easy! I've known him my whole life and he has been a great friend to our family. Anyway - it just made me appreciate my small town and the friendships that are nurtured there.

While I was talking to my friend, we were talking about how long we've known each other...and that even our parents grew up together and even our grandmas are good friends! I really love that longevity and years of history that are wrapped up in our families. I can't really explain it.

I was remembering when one of my childhood friends brought his fiance home to see his hometown and meet his friends & family. There were four of us "Connell-ites" and his fiance having drinks at Michael Jay's. We were reminiscing about elementary school and she said, "Wait, you all went to elementary school together too?" And we said, yes...and preschool too! I looked around the table and said, "Actually, what is even more weird is that our parents went to elementary school together too!" She was totally freaked out - I'm surprised that wasn't a deal breaker! :)

So - that's what I'm thankful for tonight...continuity...longevity...small towns...and friends.

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Olivieri Portrait Design said...

I am thankful for that as well. If you have never grew up in a small town you'll never understand. But I miss it and that is why I am moving back in 2 months!