November 22, 2008

[ day #3 - bring crafty ]

Especially around this time of the year, I have a lot of projects going. There are the Christmas Trees for the Soup Supper Silent Auction, the *secret* gift I've made for a bunch of my friends, the other *secret* gift for (Todd & Jessica), plus the gifts I made for the cheerleaders.
I am really glad for the "gift" of craftiness. I really enjoy that part of my life. Let's be honest, I really enjoy shopping for that part of my life. :)
Anyway - I'm going to the Christmas Memories craft show today with Kate & Candance and then to the Craft Warehouse Open House (hello 40% off coupon! they NEVER have 40% off coupons!). I'm really looking forward to spending time with Kate and getting to know Candace better! Hopefully, I'll get lots of new ideas for projects today. Craft Warehouse never disappoints. :)

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Olivieri Portrait Design said...

um yeah you should post pictures of your trees you had at the silent auction... my Mom said they were way cute! And she thought you did a really good job on them!!! ;)