November 23, 2008

[ craft projects ]

apparently, crafts have taken over my blog lately...
here's a few pictures of things I've been working on - or ideas of things I'm planning to work on! :)

#1 - A Dry Erase Calendar with scrapbook paper - I made this for Jessica Perkins' birthday (the picture is the example at Craft Warehouse. Jess's is red-ish). The one I made is in a 12"x24" frame with the calendar on the left hand side and a magnetic board on the right side. I also made magnets with Emersyn's cute pictures in them.

#2 - Photo blocks for the cheerleaders - they are 2"x2" blocks with six pictures on them. I modge podged them and put rub-ons that say "08" and "CHS". I made these for basketball season last year too - I think they're pretty fun!

#3 - A cross stitch that I'm going to give someone...not sure who yet. I have one more at the framing store (different design)...I DO know who is getting that one for Christmas! ;)

#4 - These are the Christmas Countdown trees that I made for our church's Silent Auction fundraiser. I have two more of these trees ready to decorate. I just haven't done it yet!! Maybe today.

#5 - These are the message memo boards that I made for friends for Christmas...surprise!

These are projects I found at Craft Warehouse last night that I want to work on. I bought some of these clips to paint and decorate. I think I'm going to say "Ideas" on them and give them away for door prizes at the crafting retreat in January. Then, people can keep them in their craft area and clip ideas to them! :)

I'm so attracted to these retro aprons. I think they're adorable! I don't know how to sew at all, but I'd really like to learn. I would love to quilt and make simple things - like these aprons. Wouldn't they be great bridal shower gifts?

Well, Kate, Candace, and I stood looking at all the patterns and fabrics last night FOREVER. We want to make them. Like, yesterday.

p.s. the Craft Warehouse Open House was ROCKIN'! :) Kate, Candace, and I got Starbucks and stood in line for 40 minutes to get in...shopped like crazy...then spent 45 minutes in the checkout line. And it was fun!! In case you're wondering what I got with my 40% coupon, I got a Crop-a-Dile Big Bite:

I think I could pierce ears with this bad boy. :)


Olivieri Portrait Design said...

Just wanted to tell you how jealous I am of your 40% off at Craft Warehouse. We don't have one here and it kills me. What is this about a craft retreat? Is there room for me?? And I love the trees my Mom was right WAY cutE!-

Brian and Jennifer said...

OH, I wish I was a crafty person. As long as someone shows me what to do I'm good. Maybe you could teach me a thing or two??

The McGary's said...

okay you keep talking about an open house at craft warehouse, is there a new one that opened or were they just having one?? Love all your crafts by the way:)

The Waters Clan said...

WOW die hards over craft warehouse. I am glad I did not go to their sale like I had planned because I would have drove over there for nothing because the minute I would have seen the line I would have got right back into my car. I too have been quite crafty lately (at least I thought so) until I seen your blog. Cute stuff.

Jenn Davidson said...

OH MY CUTENESS!My birthday is October 19th, but my half birthday is in April... I expect something amazing! HA jk.. man you're good! :) Miss ya Marce... a whole heck of a lot