November 23, 2008

[ nkotb ]

wow - sorry about all the posts in one day - i have a lot to say, i guess!!

the most exciting thing about today: seeing New Kids on the Block on the American Movie Awards tonight!! haha...


(wow - Jordan looks like an idiot in that picture...)


and - they were at the Tacoma Dome last night...I'm a little sad I missed that.

I was a diehard New Kids on the Block fan back in the day. I even had a surprise birthday party with a New Kids theme. It rocked. We even have it on video. I loved Jordan. Christine loved Joey. For some reason, I only remember Christine's undying love for Joey...not sure about my other friends!

I LOVE their Christmas CD (cassette). I wish I could find it now. That would be AWESOME!

Just had to document my love for the New Kids. I got so excited when they came on the stage tonight.
Wow. 15 years later. still excited.

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Scott and Kelli said...

That is funny. I about died laughing when I found that they were making a "comeback." Who knew?!