October 31, 2008

[ random ] (edited to add pictures!)

just a few random thoughts today...

1. only 4 days until Election Day. For this, I am grateful. If anyone ever thinks that one person running for a public office doesn't affect their whole family, send them to me. I'll set them straight!

2. I *heart* Samson in his "Trick or Treat" shirt. I'll post pictures soon.

3. I am in need of rest. and a vacation. and maybe a sick day.

4. I am spending my Halloween night watching football players dress up as football players and cheerleaders dress up as cheerleaders. I wish I was staying home, enjoying the fall evening, and handing out candy to the cute trick-or-treaters.

5. Jessica told me to plan a surprise birthday day with her, Amy, Fran, and Bobbie on December 6th. I hardly ever have surprises - I like to plan ahead and know what's coming - but I'm super excited about this. Thanks girls!

6. I am at a loss of what to get my family for Christmas. I think we should all pitch in, get a new TV and a Wii and call it good. and maybe a trip to Mexico! :) haha...

7. I'm NOT impressed with the new Guitar Hero: World Tour. If anyone can shed light on why it's so rockin' - let me know. I'm a little pissed at it right now.

8. I'm in the market for a new pair of black shoes for work. My Payless black ballet flats are killing my feet.

9. I'm going to Tiffany DeWitt & Doug Schneider's wedding tomorrow. I'm ready for a Good Time! :) It's going to be a beautiful wedding - I'll try to remember to take some pictures.

10. my bed looks so inviting...I have to pick up the cheerleaders in an hour...i think that's enough time to take a rest!

enjoy halloween - i love seeing pictures of everyone's kids dressed cute!!

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