January 31, 2010

...popcorn on Sundays...

We have a family tradition for as long as I can remember to have popcorn for dinner on Sunday nights.

Here's how to make the perfect popcorn:
Air pop 2 big green Tupperware bowls full of popcorn.
Melt 1 cup of butter.
Pour 1/2 of it over one bowl, a little at a time. Sprinkle some salt on top. Mix with hands. Pour a little more butter, add salt, mix. Etc. until 1/2 of butter is poured onto popcorn.
Repeat with remaining 1/2 c. butter on bowl #2.
Melissa & I are sharing this new quilt tonight that I finally finished today:
Either I'm late for Christmas 2009 or REALLY early for Christmas 2010.
You decide. :)


The Perkins said...

we ate popcorn tonight too. em thinks you have to eat popcorn while "popping" around:)

janica said...

we do that too!!, except we mix it in our slighty melted ice cream. Some people thinks it sounds gross, but it's soo good, like dipping fries into a frosty:)

David and Kira said...

mmmmm, one of my favs!!

Jake & Hannah said...

I like to think you're a year early! =)

kim said...

mmmmmm You know how to make a great bowl of popcorn. next time i'm around, I'm eating at your house on Sunday night :)