January 6, 2010

.whoop whoop.catch up on the last week in my life.

YAY! I got my computer back!! I don't know that it's any quicker, but I'm glad to have it back.

It seems as though when I have my computer and time to blog, I have nothing to blog about. The week I didn't have my computer, I had lots to blog about. Now, I just need to remember what that was....

I did have extra time to quilt - which I utilized very efficiently if I do say so myself (minus the three hour nap I took on Sunday which was supposed to be quilting time). I got one table runner completely finished and two table runners with lots of hand-applique to the binding stage.

Pictures to come.

Last week, we went to Chelan for New Year's for the third year.

I was pretty excited when we got into town on the 29th and there was very little snow on the ground. Usually there is quite a bit and it's a pain to get around town because of all the snow. Well, fast forward to New Year's Eve and it snowed for 12 hours STRAIGHT! It was pretty, but come ON! 12 Hours?! I think we got about 6 inches! It was not fun to drive in. I almost did a 360 on Main Street in my Dad's pick up. Yuck.

All was not lost, however. We got plenty of shopping done despite the snow. :) Shocking.
There's a great fabric store that I was quite inspired by last year. I went back this year and they were having a 20% off fabric & patterns sale, so I got some fabric and two patterns. Went back the next day and got a lot more fabric. I am working on a quilt for myself and they carried a few bolts of the fabric line I'm using, so I figured I might as well save myself the cost of shipping, as I'd buy it online otherwise, plus the 20% off. What a deal!

Mom, Melissa, Carly, & I also discovered a new store on Main Street called Persnickity. SO CUTE! It's in an old house and decorated up so cute. I loved it. I just wanted to move in. The following day, Mom & I went back with Karen & Sharon and the lady told us we were their best customers. :) Sharon took Mary Ann, Helenka, and Marti back later that day. Good thing we found it and spread the word to all our friends! I got the CUTEST black scalloped cake stands that were on sale for 50% off. I love them.

We hit the other fun stores in town, played a lot of cards, I appliqued my table runner, read books & magazines, talked by the fire, ate A LOT of food, and had fun with our dear friends from Connell. One night when I couldn't sleep, I counted how many people were there, and I think there were 58. Wow!

We came home on Saturday and I met Jessica, Emersyn, Jennie, and Alisyn for dinner at Michael Jay's. It was fun to catch up with Jenn and hear all the gossip - and to see Jess & Emersyn. After seeing them everyday for 4 months, it'd been a whole month since I'd seen them. I don't like that at all.

Sunday - I had great intentions, but didn't get a lot done. I did got to see the movie "The Blindside" with my parents, Melissa, and my cousin Lisa that's here from VA. I felt like the last person on earth to see it, but I'm so glad I went. It was a really good movie.

Back to school on Monday. It's amazing how quickly we resume our old routines. Seriously - by today it feels like there never was a break. My list of things to do is a page long and growing by the minute. Today was one of those days at work that I felt like everything just clicked. No real explanation there - just a fulfilling feeling.

I updated my blog tonight, changing headers to 2010 and such. It feels pretty empty. I better get working on completing some projects! Thanks for sticking with my through my dry spell. I'm back!

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Countrylivn' said...

Glad to have you back! I am so excited about all of your projects. I wish I could have gone shopping with you, your trip sounded like it was out of a book, or movie, fun shopping, fun friends, I love it! Thanks for sharing!