January 10, 2010

...101 siggy swap blocks...

I was one of the lucky ones to get in on Rachel's Siggy Block Swap on p.s. i quilt.
She had 100 spots open and they filled up in about 5 hours. I know a lot of people were disappointed they didn't get in and I feel a little guilty because I don't really know what I'm going to do with all these blocks!!
One of the rules of the swap is that you have to use "modern" fabrics - that is, from designers like Amy Butler, Joel Dewberry, Lila Tueller, etc. I gathered scraps of fabric that I hope fall into the "modern" category. I know some of them are Amy Butler and some are Lila Tueller - there are a few that I think are modern, but I don't know who the designers are. Crossing my fingers.
I cut my fabrics (and counted to 101), drew the diagonal lines on the patterned fabric, chain-sewed the patterned fabric to the white fabric (and counted to 101), cut the excess fabric off, pressed (and counted to 101), then signed my name 101 times.
Here's the finished product:

Whoo Hoo!
Today, I also worked on a baby quilt for some friends' baby (hehe - there are so many of you, you'll never guess who!) and completed the top for my friend Jen's birthday Table Runner.
I'm exhausted!


The Perkins said...

wow. looks like fun. i signed up for a kit for the hospital quilts. i figured i needed to do something nice for a change:) my aunt also asked me to donate a quilt for the tri cities cancer walk auction. i am a little nervous cuase i know sooo many people could do better, but i guess they cannot complain about a FREE quilt:) See ya soon I hope!!

ellsworth family said...

Awesome! You did those quickly!