January 20, 2010 plates...

Today was my Grandma's brother Melvin's funeral. He passed away on Saturday after a 13-month long battle with brain cancer. It was a very nice tribute to him and the life that he led. It was nice to see and spend time with extended family as well.
Here's my Mom with her brothers Mark and Doug.
We gave Mark a bad time all day long for his nice new suit. If you know Mark, you know that the last time he wore a tie was probably in the 1990s. :) Just joking...sorta...

Came home tonight and got to work in the craft room. So many ideas and so little time. :0
I'm working on the "Wild Thing" pattern using Simple Abundance by Bonnie & Camille.
I have half of the blocks done. I am loving them. :) I can't wait to put them all together!
I was trying to decide who to give this to - not that I don't want it (I DO!), but when do you have enough quilts? I figured I couldn't keep ALL of them, even though I really want to!
Then - thank you AMY! - she wondered how I could give any of them away! After you lovingly choose the fabric, cut it, piece it back together (seam rip it), baste it (my LEAST favorite part), quilt it, bind it, wash it, snuggle with it - then expect to give it away? I told her I have to know from the get go that it's going to another home so I don't become attached. :)
So - sorry guys - I'm keeping it.
Thanks for validating me Amy!
I got these two cake plates in Chelan - I finally put them in the craft room tonight.
I think they make pretty cute pre-cut fabric holders!

Back to work tomorrow. I made the mistake of checking my email tonight. 40+ emails waiting for me to respond to tomorrow. Gotta love the end of the semester!


The Perkins said...

GIRL---You deserve to keep as many as you want. You give EVERYTHING to EVERYONE...ALL DAY!!! So cuddle up, read a book, and forget about the world:)

The Wieselers said...

I AGREE ( but you already know that :)!!!! I have a hard time giving my quilts away, maybe I need to take a lesson from your generousity...

Olivieri Portrait Design said...

LOL I totally got one of those black cake stands for Christmas this year from Chad. LOVE IT!!!