January 18, 2010

...a crafty kind of weekend...

No school today! I could really use one of these at LEAST every other week. Just that one extra day makes a ton of difference, it feels like!
I have no pictures, so bear with me!
I feel like I had a preview of the upcoming craft retreat weekend.
Friday: Finished a quilt top (I had the blocks done, but I sewed them together with the sashing)
Saturday: Kate came over to play :) - she made her ornament wreath. I traced, cut, ironed on applique onto the quilt top I finished on Friday. I started sewing some pinwheel blocks together for a new quilt I'm starting.
Sunday: I spent ALL DAY working on my Disappearing Nine Patch quilt. I was so frustrated with it over and over, but I had to keep working through my frustration otherwise I would've thrown it into a basket and ignored it for months. I became *thisclose* with my seam ripper - over and over. I've never had to seam rip that much! ARG! I did get it finished, which I'm ecstatic about, because I really wanted to quilt it at the upcoming craft retreat. A big WOO HOO and Melissa rewarded me with a delicious banana milkshake from Burger Factory.
Monday: I hung out with Jessica and Amy at Jessica's. We did a lot of talking and talking and talking and looking at patterns and talking and just a little bit of actual sewing. All three of us have committed (as much as you can before it actually starts) to an online pinwheel quilt along, so we spent much of the morning discussing the fabric that we've chosen or what we should choose. We did a little sew and tell with what we've been working on. So fun to see the variety of projects. These girls speak my language and I love it. I worked on the pinwheel blocks until I was a big retard and screwed one of them up. It was a good stopping point.
Oh - I REALLY must of over used my seam ripper on Sunday because when Jessica asked to borrow it...she was picking along and all of a sudden had a panicked look on her face. The seam ripper had broke in two. Definitely over used. How embarassing!
This week doesn't look promising for much sewing, so I'm glad I was able to get a lot of time in over the weekend. Can you say addicted?!


The Perkins said...

Thank you for leaving out the obsenity portion of the seam ripper story--it makes it much funnier. Thanks for a fun day. Next week works GREAT:) Actually any saturday you are free I am FREE. Todd works, so saturday is just another day at home for us. Or sunday afternoons--after nap time of course:)

Ryan and Carrie said...

How fun to have people to sew with! And that is the first time I have ever heard of someone breaking a seam ripper! too bad they don't come in a multi pack for you! I love looking at your projects and think one day.....