January 12, 2010

...giveaway plug...

I'm in love with this giveaway. I would love love love to win.

I mean, who wouldn't?!

This giveaway is sponsored by Rachel over at {Made With Love and Glue}.
Now, I've never met Rachel, but I know many members of her family, which makes me feel like I know her too. :)

Anyhow, this giveaway ends on January 19th. Head on over for a chance to win.

Just click on the first picture for a link.

She's got some major inspiring pictures and ideas on there. I warned you.


The Perkins said...

I saw this on her blog this morning and seriously thought...HMMMM I wonder if Marcie would make one of those for me. No Jokes!!! So do yo wanna?? ha ha

The Perkins said...

hey marcie. about the could for sure read the book series i was talking about. they are not s REAL churchy or anything. you know enough about being a mormon anyway just by living in this area:)

Jenn Davidson said...

heyyyyy that's my cousin! :) You suckers have to actually enter to win things- i just tell her to make them! ha jk!

That's fun you're in a crafting sorority. Last night I was sworn in and it was pretty fun! I'm excited... sorority= frat boys... this could be good...real good! :) hahaha xo