January 30, 2010

....nothing to share....

It's been just about a week since I've posted....don't think you've missed out on anything, because you haven't.

This week has been busy at school with the first day of the new semester, which has a whole lot of meanings to it: voluntary schedule changes (these are the ones the students think are a matter of life or death), grades due, mandatory schedule changes for students that didn't pass classes 1st semester, report cards, credit adjustments, transcript evaluations, and credit deficient lists. Thank God for Jennifer! She kept me sane all week! (and last week....and the week before...)

I brought a tub home full of transcripts to evaluate this weekend so I can get a head start on next week. Hopefully I'll make a dent in them.

Also at school, the ASB started a coin drive for Haiti relief. It started out as a gesture of humanitarian aid and has turned into a cut throat competition between the classes. The deal is that 4-5 teachers are assinged a class (senior, junior, etc.) and students are encouraged to bring coins and cash. If any pennies are in the jars, they're counted against the class' total. I think there is some sort of prize for the winning class. You can see how this turned into a beast all on it's own. There are pennies EVERYWHERE at CHS. Jennifer, Meri, and & I rolled pennies yesterday for a while - Teacher's Aids have been rolling them - and the competition is going on for another week. One kid brought a grocery sack full of pennies back after lunch yesterday (who knows where he got them?!) and just as he was going into the building, the bottom of the sack ripped open. Talk about pennies from heaven. The kids were scooping them up like nobody's business. The good news is they've raised over $1000, I believe, this week. Pretty awesome. Just wish it was for the right reasons and not because they're trying to "get back" at their nemesis.

I've been quilting this week and getting ready for our Crafters Getaway next weekend (wanna go? We're still taking registrations!). I like to go with a couple different projects so I don't get bored. So - I cut fabric last night to piece a quilt, I have 42 blocks ready to sew into rows, I have a quilted basted ready to be quilted, and I hope to have a quilt ready to bind. Something at every stage - plenty of work to do.

The other thing that's been taking up time this week is darn Samson. I don't know if it's the nicer weather or the dog that's in heat next door - but he'll be gone for 2-3 hours at a time once we all get home in the evening. He's impossible to catch and he doesn't listen worth a darn. Last night, Chris Clark came up to the house and said Samson was down by the highway and almost got hit. I was so mad at Samson and went out to try to lure him inside by any means possible. Dad and I finally cornered him and he FINALLY went home. He was grounded all night and got some good swats. He's on house arrest this weekend and can only go out on a leash. Also punishment for me. It's cold in the morning!

Add Junior Miss and Youth Group activities and that is the summary of where I've been all week.
I found this quilt inspiration online - I asked the quilter who made it and there is no pattern - she gave me the dimensions of the squares she cut and the general idea. I worked on drawing it out last night, but it's confusing!


The Perkins said...

That was a lot to share darlin'!!! Sorry about the semester change--I know that ruins your whole life for a few weeks. Glad to see you at least got SOME time for quilting:) Love Ya!!

Joanne said...

Great blog! I found it from flickr, the pinwheel sampler quilt along. You should be very proud of all your 2009 finishes! Good for you. <3