January 7, 2010

.modern siggy swap.

I'm going out on a limb in 2010. (hehe)
I just signed up for the Modern Siggy Swap over on P.S. I Quilt. (Click the picture for the link.)
I have to make 101 blocks with my signature in the center. And I'll get 100 back. To make a quilt with?!
Like this:

Click on the tutorial picture for the link to the...tutorial.
Here's the link for the flickr group: Link!
I joined Flickr just for this swap!

So, in 2009, I learned to quilt. In 2010, I'm going to try new things and continue to learn and improve.

The Quilts for Kids is one. This is two.

It's only January 7th. Oh yes. :)


rachel griffith said...

thanks for the shout out!!!

glad you decided to join.
cute blog btw.

ellsworth family said...

I signed up for this 8 minutes too late. Darn! Have fun!!!

Ann said...

Hi Marcie!

Oh my God, you are one productive woman. I am totally in awe!!

Just popped over to see your blog and tell you that I am happy to be participating in this swap with you :)

Best regards,
Ann from Denmark