January 19, 2010 banquet...

Last night was the 2009 Football Banquet...
for the
State Champions!
I had Junior Miss practice, so I just went for a few minutes with Jessica to present our gifts and awards to our cheerleaders. Oh, I miss those girls! I forgot to ask someone to take a picture of the girls with Jess & I. Bummer.
Jessica made these really cute pillowcases for the girls - they felt so cozy!

I put together this photo collage for the girls. Looking back on the season through pictures reminds me of how much the girls accomplished over the season. Makes me proud of them all over again!

I took these two pictures from Jennifer's blog.
This is the banner that will hang in the gym next to the 2002 Football State Champions banner. Only this one will be better because the 2009 record was 14-0 and the 2002 record was 12-1 (I think) or 13-1. Hm. Plus Jess & my cheerleaders are on there! :)
Oh - and there's the trophy too. :) Just kidding. It's pretty stinkin' awesome.
Jennifer said one of the pictures is of the championship Grid Kids team that many of this year's team was on. Pretty cool.

This is many of the seniors - great group of guys! Pretty amazing legacy they've left on the Connell Football program! A lot to live up to from the younger guys!

Great way to end a spectacular season!

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