January 12, 2010

...pinwheel sampler quilt along...

Last spring, when I was teaching myself to quilt, I couldn't get enough of blogs and quilt-y inspiration online.
I found this my travels and
fell. in. love.

{Click on the picture for the link to more pictures. Totally worth it. Go now!}
So, you can understand just how excited I was to wake up this morning and find this on

Ummm...hello! I'm so totally in!!!
{Click on picture for link to informational post.}
Let me let you in on a little secret. I've tried pinwheels. Once. As square. It was awful.
This is a great opportunity for me to gain a new skill, yes?
I'm so excited. Who else is in? Kersten? Melissa?
Let's go friends!


The Perkins said...

I LOVE her blog because she has the legends of the fall music on it. It is my ALL time favorite soundtrack. Kinda makes me wanna fall in love with Brad Pitt:) I am being talked into stuff left and right. Order a quilt kit for cancer kids--check. Make a quilt for the Cancer walk auction--check. Considering making pinwheels---half a check:)

The Wieselers said...

I might be ine, not sure how much time I'll be having soon, but I'd like to do it...hmm...

Melissa said...

I WANT to be in on it..........!!!!!!!! I remember seeing that quilt last spring too. I don't know if I am the Melissa :) you were referring to, but I would like to be!

The Perkins said...

SOOOO every time I look at the pin wheels I what would I have to do???? What is the deal with this thing anyway??? Is it like a weekly block, monthly? I have a stash of fabric I think I could put together--maybe. Do you have any details??

Diane said...

Hi! visiting from the quilt along intro thread. I am so excited about this project as well and can't wait to see all the projects!