January 7, 2010

.january 7.

Just sharing some Thursday love...
I got some new binder clips for Christmas and put them in my basket at work today. Apparently, I have a thing for binder clips?! Ya think?!

I have this tray on my bathroom counter where I keep my assorted makeup pots. I got home from Chelan on Saturday and Grandma (who'd been staying at the house to take care of the dogs) had organized by makeup into straight lines by size. OCD much?!
Samson - destroying one of his new Christmas toys. Apparently, it's only fun if you can see all the stuffing all over the floor instead of inside the toy. Go figure.

We started a puzzle the week before Christmas and Mom & I finally finished last night!! We're missing 1 piece! Dave & Angie Visser were here when we first started it (they're major game/puzzle aficianados) and Dave threatened that he took a few pieces with him back to Sammamish. Well, as you can see, there is one piece missing. He says he doesn't have it, but I wouldn't put it past him. :)
We thought a puzzle would be fun as we hadn't done one in a while - but it was a lot harder than we remembered. No puzzles at the Koch house for a while.

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The Perkins said...

Me and Amy and Fran only do puzzles at the ocean--but it is kinda addicting. Amy would have thrown it across the room though if she was there---NO MISSING PIECES FOR HER!!! BTW...Jen got her dog a new toy that has no stuffing. Then when it is ripped up--no stuffing. I am dog retarded, so I have no idea if that is a big deal anyway:)