December 28, 2009

...Christmas Break...

I've thoroughly been enjoying my break - as you can tell from the abundance of blog posts! We're leaving tomorrow for Chelan for the rest of the week and since I won't be taking my computer, this is probably my last post of 2009!! I've been documenting all things 2009 (as you can tell) - since I make my blog into a book and this edition will be July 1, 2009-December 31, 2009.

We had a relaxing (read: lazy) day on Saturday - playing Wii, reading, watching HGTV & Food Network, putting away Christmas gifts, watched "Julie & Julia" (finally!!) etc. Yesterday, Mom, Grandma, & I went to the Tri-Cities to get some good deals. (good excuse, right?!) I got some wrapping paper & tags for CHEAP at Target (175 sq. ft. for $2.50) - I'm going to put it with the Youth Group Christmas Family stuff at church. I got some more Rubbermaid boxes to match some others that I have in the craft room to hold fabric remnants. I love it when they all match!
We went to Coldwater Creek - I got a cute scarf and an adorable Christmas decoration - all for 50% off! Mom & Grandma got some fun clothes too.
We went to this movie:

I definitely recommend it! I haven't laughed that hard at a movie for a long time!

I LOVED the set design. In another life, I'd totally be a set designer. I love that kind of stuff! Just look at this awesome set:

Can I please just move in?!

I'm looking forward to going to Chelan tomorrow, although I'd love to have some more time at home & to hang out with friends. I'm a little anxious about leaving Samson behind too. The resort we stay at in Chelan has a no-dog policy (new this year) and so Grandma is going to dog sit for us. I know they'll be fine - I'll just miss him & Coco!

As we close on 2009 and enter into 2010....well, I can't believe it's already 2010! A whole decade has gone by since the new millenium! I'm looking forward to new beginnings and a great 2010.

...What I Read in 2009...

Another post for the sake of documentation.
I've been keeping a running list of all the books I read in 2009 on the right side of my blog.
Most of these are from the first 8 months of the year!!
The 19th Wife
Here's the Story: Surviving Marcia Brady and Finding My True Voice
The Last Lecture
The Shack
Pledged: The Secret Life of Sororities
The Facts of Life and Other Lessons My Father Taught Me
The Hour I First Believed
Handle With Care
True Colors
The Summer Kitchen
Chasing Harry Winston
And Sometimes Why
L.A. Candy
The Godmother
Firefly Lane
Incarnate Leadership: 5 Leadership Lessons from the Life of Jesus
The Summer Affair
Julie & Julia
Sarah: How a Hockey Mom Turned the Political Establishment Upside Down
The Wednesday Letters
Bobby & Jackie: A Love Story
Here's what is on my stack next to my bed:
(aka - these should be the first books on my completed list in 2010!)
The Time Traveller's Wife
Going Rogue
Three Cups of Tea
Nanny Returns (1/2 way done on my Kindle!)

...2009 in Review...

For documentation purposes, I want to look back at all the projects I completed in 2009 from beginning to end. It's fun to look back and (hopefully) see improvements!!
17 Table Runners
4 Bags
14 Quilts
Nature's Chorus Baby Quilt

Frances' Baby Quilt

Recipe for Friendship Table Runner (x2)

Ronda's Nature's Chorus Table Runner

Top This Table Runner

Mom's Bistro Purse

Annette's Fall Table Runner

Orange & Green Square Quilt

Purple & Green Square Quilt
(I'm going to work on creating names for quilts in 2010!)

Jessica's Soiree Table Runner

Red, White, and Bold Table Runner (x2)

Kara's Aviary Table Runner

Amber's Sultry Scruffily Quilt

Soriee Stacked Coins Baby Quilt

Aviary Jelly Filled Quilt

Figgy Pudding Table Runner

Sultry Table Runner

Swanky Table Runner

Melissa's Cotton Blossoms Dainty Table Topper

Gobble Gobble Table Runner

Aviary Bag

Glace Bag

Karlye's Posh Quilt

Koch's Glace Scruffily Quilt

Heider Gift Exchange Sweet Disappearing Nine Patch Quilt

Jessica's Birdie Sling

The Caroler Table Runner

Beta Exchange Figgy Pudding Scruffily Quilt

Mill House Inn Table Runner

Rouenneries Table Runner
Mom's Dick & Jane Quilt
Melissa's Brown Bear Quilt

...Brown Bear, Brown Bear...What Do You See?...

This is the quilt I made for Melissa for Christmas.
It's not really a snuggly quilt, but more of a decoration, I guess. I made it with the intention of it being in her classroom. Hopefully it's a fun addition!

I got this kit from Fons & Porter. It's a panel with borders added. Pretty easy!
I used purple thread, which is new for me!! :)
I think the back is just as cute as the front!!

December 27, 2009

...Christmas Morning...

Wow! What a fun Christmas morning!
Still fun, no matter what age!!
Dad got a rubber duck to comemmorate his LUCKY DUCK winning him a new car!

Mom got the one thing she was asking for: a Roomba!
She cracked me up following it around the house yesterday morning. :)

This is Mom's quilt that I made her...

Melissa, opening the quilt that I made her. It's Brown Bear, Brown Bear fabric - for her classroom.

Mom & Dad surprised me with a Kindle! I love it and I didn't even ask for it!
I'm already 1/2 way through my first book - Nanny Returns.
(Nice hair - why do I always look like crap in Christmas morning pictures?!)

Mom really shocked us all with a Wii!
I had no idea - and I was even thinking of getting one with the money Grandma gives us for Christmas!
We've had fun Bowling and playing Tennis & Baseball! So fun!

...see dick...see jane...see Mom's new quilt...

I made this quilt for my Mom for one of her Christmas presents. I really like how it turned out. I used a pattern that I'd already made once, so it went pretty quickly.
I wasn't sure when I was going to get the binding sewn on since I'm always with her. Lucky for me, I got to spend a day in Washtucna with Kate last week and got it done! YAY!

I bought these squares pre-cut on ebay. Love it!
I added the yellow/red/pink polka dot fabric - I bought it in Chelan last year and was glad to get to incorporate it into this quilt. I think it breaks up all the writing.