October 18, 2012


Today started off with a fun game! The ASB put these big blocks of ice out in the courtyard – one for each class. There were four tools on top of each one: spoons and wrenches. That was all they could use to chip away the ice. Inside was frozen two t-shirts. The first class to chip away the ice, retrieve the t-shirts, find their royalty, and put the shirts on the royalty then have the royalty come check in in the office WON!



 IMG_2953 IMG_2957 

Uh oh – the freshman had their ice stolen!


Winners! The sophomores! Raul and Savannah


and two seconds later, the juniors came! Garrett and Carly!


The costumes today were awesome! The seniors had to dress up like China, Juniors had Jamaica, Sophomores had France, and Freshman had Italy.



The Mr. CHS contestants did their fitness routine. Hilarious!

   IMG_3002 IMG_3003 IMG_3005

Sommer taught it to them and then was in front of them doing the moves to remind them.

IMG_3008 IMG_3009

They did great!

Kate talked about the rockin’ volleyball team! They just have a few regular season games left and are in the running for League Champs!


I love how Brock gets into Homecoming week! He is a great sport!


The cheerleaders – I loved their dress up outfits today!


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