October 14, 2012

.shopping day with Kamryn.

On Friday, Mom & I took Kamryn with us to the Tri-Cities to run some errands and take the dogs to the groomer while Kate had volleyball practice.

Kamryn was a trooper through all our stops – the craft store trifecta (JoAnn’s, Craft Warehouse, and Hobby Lobby), Ulta, and the Halloween Store. She was so good the whole time! We ran into Madi and Kirston, two of my cheerleaders who happen to LOVE Kamryn, at Joann’s so they played with her a bit to ware off some energy. :)

Shopping for fabric with me at Craft Warehouse was so funny – kept saying, “WOW! That’s cute!” or “Wow! Pretty!” She tried to put everything in my basket – a girl after my own heart!

We went to lunch at our favorite sushi restaurant. Kate had packed Kamryn a lunch so she had PB&J while Mom & I had yummy sushi. She liked the chopsticks I was using to eat my lunch, so Mom put Kamryn’s string cheese and sandwich pieces on a chopstick. She loved it! :)

photo 1

New skill: eating with chopsticks!

 photo 2

We had a fun day with her and she was sooo good for us! She fell asleep on the way to pick up the dogs from the groomer and slept all the way home. Such a sweetheart!

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