October 2, 2012

.football @ KiBe.

We travelled to KiBe last Friday to take on the mighty Bears. We had a fun suburban ride there, as usual! I love road trips with these girls – they make me laugh every time!

My iPad keeps them busy the entire way there…this is just one of about 50 pictures I found on my iPad of Kirston, Sommer, & Madi!


We had a little photo shoot before the game started and while they were warming up.

These two are like two peas in a pod…what one doesn’t think of, the other one will!


Two Bits! Everybody!



Go Eagles! Beat Bears!


 P9280006 P9280007 P9280008 P9280009

Kellen was hanging out around the cheerleaders, teasing them, and turning his swag on when the KiBe cheerleaders came to greet them. We told him he could take a picture with the cheerleaders since it would probably be the only time he’d get a picture with cheerleaders! :)


These two are nutty!



Carly & Katlyn


The girls did great and so did the football team! The score was 40 something to 20 something…don’t exactly remember! :) Next week is Warden – PINK OUT!!

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