October 16, 2012

.Olympic Homecoming 2012.

This is Homecoming week at CHS – always a stressful, exhausting, but very fun week!

I am a junior class advisor, so that adds some A LOT of extra duties to the week!

Usually there has been hall decorating…which I LOVED in high school. This year, the ASB decided to switch to showcase decorating. If I would’ve been in high school and that decision was made, I would have been devastated followed by extremely mad. However, as an adult, I see now how awful that must’ve been for our advisors! HA!  Plus, there are typically only a few students that work hard on completing the hall decorating and then a few dozen that work hard on tearing down the decorations ASAP. It’s really sad. So – long story, short, I supported the ASB’s decision to make this change and I think it turned out to be a positive change.

So – the theme for Homecoming this year is the Olympics, so each class got to chose a country. The classes will use that country as their theme to decorate their showcase, dress up day on Thursday, and the theme to decorate their float for the parade on Wednesday.

The juniors chose Jamaica…at first I was apprehensive, but there actually is a lot to use, especially with the overall theme of the Olympics.

Here is their WINNING showcase!


They had some dedicated students and creative moms help them – and it turned out great!

I love the Barbies as athletes! Do you see the Jamaican Bobsled team as well as the Connell Eagle beating Hussein Bolt?! :) LOL


Kaitlynn Kleinbach is the Junior Class President and she made this poster using Photoshop. Sweet!


And you can’t have a Jamaican scene without a beach!


This was the sophomore’s showcase. They had France – and came in 3rd.


They used Barbies too – as runway models. I thought they did a good job capturing the essence of France, but did not include the Olympics at all!


This is the senior’s showcase – they had China and came in 2nd.


They used Barbies too! :) haha


And the Freshman coming in 4th place. They had Italy.


The first assembly was on Monday. There was a pie eating contest. GROSS!!

These are the junior boys: Frankie, Leo, and Parker.


The sophomores: Talon, McKenna, & ?? I don’t remember.


Here’s the seniors – decked out in their “Royalty Day” dress.


The royalty was announced…

King and Queen: Carlos & Jenni


Freshman: Marissa and Dallas


Juniors: Garrett & Carly


I didn’t get a picture of the others – Sophomores Raul & Savannah and the Senior Prince & Princess Stefan and MarciAnne.


The cheerleaders missed out on getting everyone together for a picture, but these were the ones that were still dressed up when they came to practice. Carly is wearing her Aunt Nicole’s Jr Miss dress from 1995 (I think?!).


The ASB did an “Opening Ceremonies” performance – in morph suits. I do not understand the obsession with the morph suits – but I got the concept they were going for in their performance. So avant garde and creative that no one understands the point of the performance. :)

At practice, Kirston & Madi got a hold of Sommer’s morph suits….

IMG_2785 IMG_2787 IMG_2790

Tuesday’s theme was Olympic Athlete Day. The assembly had the first round of Mr. CHS competition and Buff Puff.

Jess Hawk is one of the Mr. CHS contestants for the sophomores….


The junior contestants: Gage & Jacob.


The senior boys brought in the new “Spirit Sombrero.” It was pretty hilarious! They’ve had a “Spirit Stick,” but used it to bestow the honor onto the new Spirit Sombrero.

 IMG_2795 IMG_2797

Carly & Sommer – hardworking ASB officers!


The cheerleaders dressed up in their Athlete gear.


Tomorrow is Class Color Day…and a Parade in the evening, followed by a BBQ, Tug of War, and Dodgeball. Plus the PSAT in the morning. Whew. It’s going to be a crazy day!

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