October 22, 2012

.mom’s birthday weekend.

For Mom’s birthday, she wanted to go to the Northern Quest Resort & Casino. We headed to Spokane on Saturday morning…Mom & I got our nails done while Dad got his first ever pedicure! WOW! We made a few other stops and then met up with Melissa & Ryan and went out to Northern Quest. We got settled into our rooms – beautiful – and Melissa gave Mom her first gift!

A *60* birthday tiara – perfect for the casino! Hope it brings us good luck!

photo 3

 photo 2

We played a few slots and then had dinner at the buffet.

  photo 1

We went back to the slots after dinner and ran into Mom’s friend Brenda! How fun!

photo 4

We found the Sex and the City machines and played there for about 2 1/2 hours! I won my money back that I’d lost earlier and then some!

 photo 5

Up $90! YEAH!

 photo 1

I went to bed in the black…

unlike these two.


 photo 2

My Mom was up A LOT!

 photo 3

On Sunday morning, we hit the buffet again and then tried the slots one more time. We went back to the Sex and the City ones and I lost what I’d made plus some. :’( Boo.

Mom ended up winning about $500! AWESOME!
I think she enjoyed the weekend there – it was a fun little getaway to celebrate her birthday! Happy Birthday Mom! 60 looks good on you!

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Just me: A beautiful disaster! said...

Love that game and yes the rooms are beautiful!!