October 19, 2012


Today’s assembly was the best one yet! They packed so many great things into it – I think everyone really enjoyed it!

Even Madi!


The staff played the seniors in Buff Puff volleyball – and lost by just one point in the final seconds!


Go Jennifer!


The cheerleaders performed their dance to Call Me Maybe. They worked so hard this week – and it went wonderfully! I was so proud of them!

 IMG_3034 IMG_3035 IMG_3036 IMG_3039 IMG_3071

Get it girls! :)


Isaac raised the roof with the Spirit Sombrero!


Tim & Todd’s Comedy Spot provided lots of laughs with their rendition of “Would You Look at That?!” – a spoof of a YouTube video. It was hilarious!

 IMG_3084 IMG_3086  IMG_3089  IMG_3092

The students had their phones out taking a video of it. Too funny!


The final four Mr. CHS contestants did their talent.

Matthew Davidson sang


The Eagle (who was awesome all week long!) was waving his wings along!


These sophomores had a great idea to bring in bean bags chairs to watch the assembly!


Bergen Eskildsen did the Napolean Dynamite dance for his talent – perfectly! He stayed in character the entire time!


Jacob Jenks dunked the basketball – I think he even surprised himself that he made the basket!


Kyle Jones did a rhythmic gymnastics ribbon routine to a Justin Bieber song.


Then each class did a lip sync -

The freshman did their lip sync to “Call Me Maybe.”

IMG_3123 IMG_3127

The sophomores lip sync was to Taylor Swift’s “We Are Never Getting Back Together” complete with Patrick Hadley as the lead singer!

IMG_3129 IMG_3131

The juniors lip sync was to “It’s Raining Men.” It took A LOT to get this to come together but it did and it was great!


 IMG_3138 IMG_3140  IMG_3146

The seniors danced to “Ice Ice Baby”



and then had glow in the dark shirts to Cotton Eyed Joe. They brought down the house…


…Until the teachers showed up…


They always do AWESOME and this year didn’t disappoint! They had a flash mob to “Get Outta My Head” by One Direction and then really cranked up the heat to “Gangham Style!” The students went wild – they loved it!

 IMG_3156 IMG_3157 IMG_3158 IMG_3165 IMG_3167

The finale of the assembly was this game where 6 of the football players were blindfolded and had to guess which cheerleader kissed them on the cheek…


…funny thing was --- it was their mom’s!


So funny!


They were good sports – and it was hilarious!

Great assembly and a great way to wrap up the week!

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