October 28, 2012

.football at wahluke.

The game on Friday was against Wahluke…the drive to Mattawa is NOT my favorite by far, but luckily it wasn’t raining too hard on our way there, so not as bad as it could’ve been.

This picture is from earlier in the day – after third period all these girls happened to stop by my office at the same time. I never knew this many people could fit in my office at once!!

Marie, Madi, Joanna, me, MarciAnne, Kayla, Grayson, and Kody (Sommer is taking the picture)

photo 1

We had a cold evening in Mattawa – but the boys played well and we won 47-0. That’s the way we like it!

  photo 3

The girls did a great job rallying and cheering – something we’ve been working on all season, it seems!

 photo 4

Hard to believe our season is almost over! Wahluke was our last regular season game and next week we’ll be at Cle Elum in our first post-season game.

 photo 5

These two are photo hogs! :)

    photo 5

Sommer stitched these pictures together – looks pretty great! I love CHS with poms…it’s one of my favorite things they do!

photo 3

The girls will be working on another dance this week – which would make 6 for the season, so far. Pretty impressive!

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