October 25, 2012

.beta halloween party.

We had our annual Beta Halloween Party the other night – as always, it is fun to dress up and to see what costumes everyone else thinks up!


We had a smaller group this year for the party, but still fun!


We had to go trick-or-treating around the neighborhood for canned food for the Food Bank. I grumbled at the beginning – since it was cold outside and, um, how embarrassing to show up trick-or-treating a week early?! It ended up being a lot of fun and we had a lot of laughs!


Maren took the lead and knocked on doors. She was dressed up as crayon and would say, “We’re trick-or-treating for food for the food bank…and school supplies!” Then, if they hesitated at all, she would yell at the people that opened the door: “Go grab a can of something!”
TOO funny!


We had dinner, opened Secret Sister gifts, and then went to Karen’s to trick-or-treat her since she didn’t come to the party!


Very fun evening – we missed everyone that couldn’t come!

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Countrylivn' said...

I love your Halloween posts every year, the costumes never dissapoint! Looks like so much fun!