September 29, 2012

.a day with Kamryn.

photo 1

We got to have Kamryn for the day today while her Mom coached the volleyball team to a victory at the Quincy tournament and her Dad was busy on the farm.

We had such a fun day…probably my favorite was when she was playing Little People while I was in the craft room. She came over to me while I was sewing and said, “Watch you!” She watched for a few minutes and then said, “Help You!” She sat on my lap and helped me sew for quite a while! She counted pins and helped me take them out of the fabric. She called “Ready, Set, GO!” when it was time for me to sew. Cracked me up!

We had a tea party, played outside, played with the dogs, had lunch, and snuggled before nap time. I love spending time with Kamryn – she is such a joy!

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