February 25, 2012


Grandma had a homeowners association meeting (for the lake house) today in Spokane, so Melissa, Karlye, and I decided to go too so we could shop while Mom & Grandma were at the meeting.

Here’s the story of our day…

First stop: Starbucks in Ritzville. First, the weird lady that works at Starbucks (we’ve had multiple run-ins with her…) looked at my gold card and said, “oh, I remember you. You were here earlier this week.” I replied, “no, I wasn’t.” “Yes, you were,” she responded. Uh—NO! I think I’d remember if I was at the Ritzville Starbucks this week. Now, if she was working the Road 68 Starbucks, then I would’ve said yes! :)

As I held the door open for Karlye, the wind picked up and blew my whipped cream into my face and onto my jacket & necklace. “You know it’s a windy day in Eastern Washington when…” Good grief!


Karlye was a pretty excited girl when she discovered that the Starbucks barista spelled her name right on her coffee!! That doesn’t happen every day!


We dropped Mom and Grandma off and Melissa took over driving. She looked pretty hot rockin’ out in the mini-van!


Karlye and I let her chauffeur us to our next stop, Nordstrom Rack! We were very nice to our chauffeur…no whining at all!


While we were in the back seat, Karlye found a stack of expired “Bed, Bath, and Beyond” coupons in the pocket…dating back to 2008. REALLY?!


We went to Nordstrom Rack and watched the snow fall hard outside. I wore my Toms, of course….a horrible choice for snow. I found new shoes at the Rack…still not the best for snow, but better than fabric shoes!

We decided we should go to lunch and maybe the snow would let up while we were inside. Here’s what it looked like outside…


And that was just the beginning. It probably snowed 6” while we were in Spokane!

We shopped at the mall after lunch, then picked up Mom & Grandma. The weather had let up some, so we decided to go to Nordstrom downtown on our way home.
When we left, it was sunny outside!

Karlye rocked Grandma’s thick black sunglasses in the driver’s seat!
”I’m sexy and I know it…” :)


On the way home, we stopped at Starbucks again in Ritzville….tried to sneak in for our second time in one day – but Melissa went and knocked down their big sign by the front door. See Mom and I cracking up behind her?426640_595766622345_59400210_32006321_20318047_n

Not so subtle!


Luckily, we made it home safely from the snow-pocalypse in Spokane! Fun girls day!


Amber met us at home where we had dinner and played Just Dance.
We made kahlua & creams and played Scattergories with a twist. Every time you answered the same answer as someone else, you both had to drink. Made it a pretty funny evening!


Fun day overall…minus the snow. Seriously?! I was NOT expecting that AT ALL! I’m so ready for spring!

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