February 10, 2012

.10 on 10.

The second installment of .10 on 10. is here. Hopefully it's not too painful for either of us!!

1. I'm still trying to recover from last weekend's craft retreat. Getting a total of about 12 hours of sleep over three nights makes for a very tired was brutal this week!

2. One fun thing at work this week was celebrating National School Counselor Week. Esther and I had candy in our offices for students that stopped by...Jennifer took us to lunch on Wednesday at Mei Lings (yummy!!)...Cyndee brought us lunch today from the taco truck...and Tim & Todd spoiled us with a Starbucks card and a gift certificate for a mani/pedi! We felt appreciated!

3. I got to spend Monday afternoon with Kamryn. I brought her to our house while Nick and Kate got ready to leave for Europe. I am going to miss them so much while they're gone! Kamryn keeps us laughing all the time! Dave and Angie will be amazed at how much she has grown and how her language has developed since they saw her in November!

4. You would think that I crafted till I dropped last weekend (well, I did, technically), but I am looking forward to having next to no plans for this weekend and so, I'm anticipating lots of sewing in my future! I am currently sewing the blocks together for a new quilt top. One of these days I'll have to turn the quilt tops into real quilts...but for now, I'm enjoying piecing the tops!

5. Speaking of piecing, I've always considered piecing my most favorite part of the quilting process. Well, last weekend, Amy and Beth were shocked when I told them that I don't use spray starch when I press my quilt blocks. So, this week, I tried spray starch...and wouldn't you know...I think I found a new favorite step. Hear that, Amy?!

6. Since we're on the topic of crafting...I'm going through one of those phases where I have so many projects in mind that are itching to become reality. I just wish I had more time! Right now, the project that I really want to work on is a bag. I just am waiting on the yardage to come. Can't wait to get started!!

7. Continuing with crafting (I guess that's the theme for today!), last weekend Amy and I talked about doing a quilt a long to try a Dresden quilt. We're going to use a pattern from Cluck Cluck Sew. I'm pretty excited to get started. I've been wanting to try Dresdens!

8. My mom and I have been drinking smoothies every morning for two weeks now. We went grocery shopping last night for ingredients. I look forward to the morning because they are that good!

9. We have one more week at school until a 4-day weekend! Hip hip hooray! Mom and I are trying to decide if we should go somewhere...any suggestions?!

10. I downloaded "One For the Money" by Janet Evankovitch on the recommendation of Jessica, Amy, and Beth. I haven't read more than about 10 pages yet....but I'm working on it!

Happy 10 on 10!! I'll try to be more creative next time!


The Wieselers said...

This entire post made me so happy! Spray starch, Stephanie Plum and dresdens, yippee!

Jessica said...

ditto of amy:)