February 27, 2012

.bowling party.

Ben, Maren, Nick, and Kate organized the 2nd meeting of the Connell UMC Adult Youth Group! This time the group went bowling at the Connell bowling alley. It’s not normally open on Monday’s but Maren & Ben know the owners and hooked us up! :)

Gotta love rented bowling shoes – especially with fluorescent shoe strings!


Then Kara had to come and show off with her *own* bowling shoes – not rented!



Karlye got two strikes in a row…but then got a gutter ball instead of a turkey!


Check out that form!


The group of bowlers…


Justin, Sheianne, Karlye, and Amber


The Baumann Babes!


Kate and I


Sheianne trying the granny roll…


Karlye, Amber, and I


Sheianne and Justin


The silly poses!

IMG_1883 IMG_1884 

Ben and Maren…and Kara photobombing!


It was a really fun evening…and I learned that I really really stink at bowling. I didn’t even break 100! I even took a Jan Term bowling class at Whitworth…obviously did not help!

Thanks for organizing it Boucher’s and Johnson’s! :)

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