February 1, 2012

.Julia and Jolee’s quilts.

About a year and a half ago, a co-worker of mine asked me to make two quilts, one for each of her daughters, out of the maternity clothes she wore while she was pregnant with them. I agreed…but was scared to start, so I didn’t. For about a year. Then Jeanne said she wanted to give the quilts to the girls for Valentine’s Day…so I figured I’d better get started.

The clothes needed to be cut apart, ironed onto fusible interfacing, cut into squares, then sewed into rows. The clothes were different weights and types of fabric which made it hard to sew (the thick fabrics) and hard to know how it would turn out.



The other request Jeanne had was to embroider each girl’s name onto the quilt. I’m not a big embroider-er, but it was a fun snowy day project!

IMG_1796 IMG_1793


All tied up and ready to be returned to Jeanne…looking much different than how she gave them to me!


I’m not sure if I’d ever agree to tackle a project like this again…I’m selfish with the little crafting time I get and want to do my own thing…BUT, this was a challenge and I conquered it! That makes me proud!

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David and Kira said...

Good Job Marci!! That would be a VERY hafd project but what an awesome idea!!