February 21, 2012

.Long weekend.

I had been looking forward to this weekend for a while now and it did not disappoint. :)
I had a four day weekend...FOUR!!!
Yesterday was President's Day and today was an Inservice that I chose not to go to.

On Saturday, I spent all day in the craft room. As in, you're lucky I brushed my teeth because I wore my pj's all day kind of day. Those are kinda nice once in a while! I made a table runner start to finish. I can't wait to share it with you as soon as the recipient gets it in the mail!
During the marathon craft day, I watched Whitney Houston's Homegoing. It was a long service but very meaningful. I liked Kevin Costner's tribute the best. On Saturday night, we watched "The Bodyguard." My mom said she'd never seen it before!

On Sunday, I quilted and bound a quilt instead of going to church then met the fam for lunch mom, Grandma, Karlye, and I went to the Tri-Cities to run some errands. We dragged Karlye to Craft Warehouse, JoAnn's, Target, Macy's Furniture, and Costco. Just another day. :)

Yesterday I got to spend the day with Jess, Amy, Fran, and their kiddos. We got together at Jessica's for a day of crafting! I finished a birthday present I'd been working on and then got started on a new project! Love new projects! When I got home, I went through my fabric stash looking for what I could use to finish some quilt tops that are just sitting in a box. I really should pledge to get those done before starting anything new, but I know I would not be successful at that! I am jazzed about getting some completed and feel energized to GET THEM DONE!!

I took the doggies to the groomer today...Samson loves Rhonda the groomer. It is so cute!! I ran some more errands while they were in there...including a pedicure and another trip to JoAnn's. :)
When I picked them up, we stopped by Starbucks. The barista was talking to the dogs and asking their names. She asked if they'd like "puppy whips." I said sure not knowing what she was talking about. She came over with two small cups of whipped cream!! They LOVED it! They devoured the whipped cream and had it all over their noses! Cracked me up!

Tonight, my mom and I went to Mei Lings for dinner (yum times infinity!) and I went back to the craft room when we got home.
I cut fabric for a rag strip quilt and sewed the whole thing together in about 3 hours! I just need to rag it now. This could be the fastest quilt EVER!!!

Now, tomorrow it's back to work time...sorta. I'm going to a seminar with the other administrators in Pasco. Hope it's worthwhile....and not boring! Please God, not boring!

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Jessica said...

I wonder if I can order a puppy whip???? sounds good;)