February 6, 2012

.crafter’s getaway.

I have been looking forward to our Beta Crafter’s Getaway for a good long time…like, since last February! It is such a fun weekend – lots of friends, crafting, talking, and definitely laughing!

For the third or 4th year in a row, we’ve invited our guests to wear red in honor of Go Red for Women Day. Look at all the support we had!


This is Bonnie’s “L” for “LOSER” since she wasn’t wearing red!


The best part of the weekend is getting to be with friends…

Mom & Bonnie


Kate & I

 IMG_1810photo 2

Mom and I

photo 1

The Baumann Babes – Beth, Karen, and Kate (Megan came a little later)

 photo 3

One of the projects I really wanted to get done was this t-shirt quilt. I’ve been talking about it all fall and had the t-shirts all backed and cut to size. Kate & Beth helped me lay them out and I sewed them together. I got done about 2am!


Jessica was making these cute butterfly blocks…

      photo 5

Candace - - she made this table runner from start to finish! So awesome!! I am so glad Candace got to come spend the weekend – and Chris and the kids too. I miss them so much!


Amy and I each made a quilt top using the same pattern, but different fabric. It was awesome to see our quilts next to each other – we had a little bit of envy for the other quilt top!


Thanks to the Jessica Perkins and Amy Wieseler Stand Up Comedy Routine, we were up until 2am on both nights and laughed until our stomachs hurt! I think we might have run some other crafters out of the room! I loved it though!

I got 8 hours of sleep between the two nights….and now I am typing with my eyes shut. I guess that means I need to get to bed. I need to rest up for the next retreat or craft day!


Countrylivn' said...

Oh I have been waiting for the report, it looks like it was another successful year! I love your t-shirt quilts, they are so unique! Fun times!

Jessica said...

SOOO were there any complaints from the other guests??? I imagine they were a bit....turned off by some of our conversation:) I had a super fun time and am NOT LIKING being back in reality. Once I find the bottom of this mess at my house I plan to make some more butterflies!!! Any chance that beta is going to do a mid summer mini craft retreat????;)