October 14, 2011

.the rest of homecoming week.

The rest of Homecoming week was full of games, competition, and lots of fun.

Let’s start on Tuesday. Tuesday was Wild West and Ranchero day. Lots of cowboy hats, boots, belt buckles, and plaid shirts. They played a game with 10 students from each class standing in a line. Each student had a toothpick in their teeth and had to pass a lifesaver to the end of the line and back.


Sommer was pretty terrible at this game…she dropped the lifesaver EVERY time!


The senior class


Here are the cheerleaders in their western wear:

Selena, Kayla, Madison, and Allyson


Vanessa, Sommer, Madison, Kirston, Carly, and Kayla

 IMG_0905 IMG_0906

Wednesday was class color day. The seniors were black, juniors white, sophomores red, and freshmen blue. The staff wore yellow. YUCK.

Basic t-shirts were not good enough…full costumes in color were best.


Here’s the volleyball team and their coach Kate speaking to the student body.

IMG_0908 IMG_0909 

They played a class competition game where they had to put shaving cream on a balloon and then use a razor to shave it. Pretty messy – and funny!

 IMG_0913 IMG_0914 

These are the Mr. CHS contestants waiting for their turn to do their “poise routine” and answer a question.


Senior contestant Cole Vanderbilt


Junior contestant Kyle Logan with Madison and Grayson


Thursday was extreme purple and gold day. We had a super fun assembly with performances from the cheerleaders, the principals, and the teachers!

Sommer and Madi got ahold of my camera, apparently!


IMG_0920 IMG_0921


Leading the student body in the Fight Song.


Melissa got to come over from the elementary school to watch their performance (so nice to be across the street!), so she recorded the video and I took pictures.



   IMG_0929   IMG_0932 IMG_0933

Coach Fife came to talk about the football team. They’re ready to take on the Wahluke Warriors!


The cheerleaders – excited after their great performance!


and always a funny one thrown in there!


The girls cheered on the volleyball team to victory last night at their game against Riverview!

volleyball game

The cheerleaders are decorating for the Homecoming dance this afternoon and then cheering for the game tonight. I don’t know about them, but I’m exhausted after this busy week!

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